Ten Tasty and Unique Ways to Use Zilks Dips

There are many ways for you to eat Zilks! Below are some of our favorite ways to eat our hummus, salsa and tzatziki!

  1. Use hummus instead of mayo as a spread for a turkey or lettuce wrap
  2. Spread hummus on toast or bagels, rather than cream cheese or butter
  3. Dip your veggies in hummus or tzatziki. Carrots, celery and broccoli are our favorites!
  4. Mound several tablespoons of hummus into an avocado for a quick mini-meal
  5. Top your burger off with a dollop of tzatziki
  6. Replace the marinara sauce on your pizza with hummus
  7. Use salsa as a dressing for a fajita salad
  8. Bake a chicken breast with hummus on top- Super flavorful!
  9. Spread hummus on a piece of bread and top it off with veggies. Sprouts, tomatoes and avocados are our favorites!
  10. Add salsa to your queso for more flavor

What are your favorite ways to eat Zilks?  Be sure to post your responce on our Facebook page: HERE