2014 Brings New Flavors to Zilks Foods

We are two weeks into the new year and we are very excited to introduce new flavors to you guys! We have been cooking up a storm and working hard to bring fresh inventive flavors to our consumers. We have just released an EXTREMELY HOT Salsa that is sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market at the Domain. Caution: this salsa is made with habanero and ghost peppers! It is a delicious salsa that has an explosive bite! If extremely hot salsa isn’t your thing then you have the option of trying 3 other delicious flavors of Zilks salsa: Medium, Mild and Hot. Our new mild and hot salsas will soon hit stores.

Not only have we added new salsa flavors, but we have also added two new tzatziki flavors: Hatch Chili Tzatziki and Jalapeno Tzatziki! Our Greek yogurt based dip is one of our most popular dips that we sell. Both flavors are sure to be a hit with our consumers! The light and creamy texture of our new tzatzikis is packed with a mouth-watering bite that will keep you coming back for more. You can find our new hatch chili tzatziki and jalapeno tzatziki exclusively at Whole Foods Market at the Domain.

We are always striving to stay competitive in this market and are always looking to bring our consumers delicious new flavors! Zilks Foods is very excited to share these new flavors for 2014! Post what new flavors you would like to see: HERE