John Anderson John enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. It was in a park similar to Zilker where he met his wife playing ultimate frisbee with friends. John and his soul mate are both addicted to the Tzatziki.

John Anderson’s dip and hummus company Zilks Foods is more than a source of entrepreneurial pride, it’s a fresh start chock full of soul.

Anderson came from a finance background, doing stints with the likes of Goldman Sachs. “Let’s just say we spent a lot of time making things that only benefited a very small number of people .” remarks Anderson.

With a vow to find work that benefitted more people, Anderson reached out to his network of friends and colleagues and began searching for a company to purchase. He found it in a small hummus and dip company based in Austin, Texas named Out to Lunch.

Anderson and his partners decided the legacy brand name, Out to Lunch, was far from what they wanted to project. “For us, going into the dip business is about adding value to the marketplace through foods that are clean, natural and great tasting. A lot of the dip companies out there are loaded with junk ingredients, just like the financial markets are.” quips John. “After much deliberation we landed on the new name Zilks because of what it stands for. It’s an abbreviation for Zilker Park in Austin which represents a place where anyone can gather for a good time. It’s a lot like our dips, you can gorge on them and you still feel good when you’re done. That’s something we love about our hummus in particular and are excited for other people to discover. It’s the next mayo, the next condiment.”

“In the end we are setting out to bring more feel good moments to the world, not just when someone tastes our hummus and dips but also in the way we run our business. We couldn’t be more excited about our opportunity,” says John.